Name: Veronica - Age: 16 - Race: Hispanic Half Colombian & Half Bolivian - Status: I have no idea because i’m confused on what it is - Twitter: @LatinaChica5050 

I reblog what i like. Don’t take it personally. My tumblr url means alot to me. It reminds me of the happiest moments to the saddest, from the stupidest to the maddest. - You only know my name, not my story. -

What is your music?

Mirror-Lil Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars - Heartbeat-Enrique Iglesias Ft. Nicole Scherzinger - Safe & Sound-Taylor Swift - Waiting for the End-Linkin Park - Love Lockdown-Kanye West - Love the Way You Lie-Ariana Grande - Set Fire to the Third Bar-Snow Patrol - Take Care-Drake Ft. Rihanna - Set Fire to the Rain-Adele - How to Love-Lil Wayne - Marvins Room-Drake - Echoes of Silence-The Weeknd - High for this-The Weeknd - Wicked Games-The Weeknd

Do you follow every single one of your followers?

Yes, i do. I’ll never unfollow you, trust me i won’t. But if i find out that you unfollowed me, chances are i’ll unfollow you. It’s as simple as that. If i ever unfollow you and you are following me tell me and i’ll fix that.

What do you like to do?

 Take photos but i don’t add them to tumblr. I think they are terrible because my photo skills aren’t the best. I like putting my head out the window when its raining, i like drinking and collecting Arizona cans, and i love the winter when i can sleep in my bed with a bunch of pillows and blankets. 

What i like in a guy?

I’m shy. If you manage to get a word out of me, That’s great. When you hug me and pick me up and spin me around, then your my dream guy.

You may think i have a very depressing blog. But that’s fine with me i live threw this because of my anxiety. I have to suffer threw this everyday thinking omgosh when is my attack going to come. It’s a terrible feeling and i got to hide from others because i don’t want them to see how much i’m suffering. My heart beats faster, my throat drys up i can’t even speak, my eyes water up, my body trembles, and i just want to get away from what i’m doing. You may think i look like a perfectly normal person. I’m not. I try but what’s the point. People are always going to find a flaw in me. Wherever i go, they ARE going to judge me and expect to see me crumble down to the floor weeping in tears. Don’t they have any shame in them? See that’s the thing, we’re not perfect. And even if we were, life would take an unexpected turn. What’s worse is we All have done judgement, including me.  There is nothing we can do to erase those moments but to put that in the past. I’m not perfect and neither are you.
 I support gay rights i believe that everyone has a right and deserve a chance at love even if they are gay, lesbian, or bi. I don’t see the problem with this i can’t believe people make it such a big deal out of this. With more hatred the more bullying will happen. I would know because i almost lost a good friend of mine who was gay. Everyday he was insulted, threaten, and bullied. So why hate? I know god would rather see two men holding hands then holding guns.  

Black Rose